H.E.M.P. is dedicated to building an environmentally sustainable and economically viable hemp farming community and medicinal retail market. Together, we work with you to cultivate and craft the highest quality hemp and medicinal cannabis products. We are committed to establishing a top shelf industry standard for the Vermont brand and our hemp community.

As long time cannabis growers, we are dedicated to our craft and want to work with others to help enrich and enhance their lives through hemp cultivation. As stewards of the land, we are fully dedicated to the preservation of our natural resources. We believe in building healthy and highly biologically active soils that form symbiotic relationships with our plants. We follow strict organic practices and principles, insuring that our medicine is clean, simple and pure.

H.E.M.P.’s horticultural and medical teams combine to form an unmatched set of skills, knowledge and experience. Jessilyn Dolan is a registered cannabis nurse, herbalist, massage therapist, body and birthworker. Matt Leonetti is a horticulturist and cannabis cultivation consultant, with a background in soil science and organic agriculture.

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